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Happy International Coffee Day!

We love coffee. In fact, we love coffee so much that we even have our very own brand of it.

We acquired Kircabi Roasters last year and we’ve been roasting our blends in The Royal Barn ever since. If you’ve been to visit us, you’ll notice that Kircabi even has its own roasting area, which we created especially to house it. 

You might be aware that today is International Coffee Day – the perfect opportunity to celebrate with a frothy cappuccino or steaming Americano (we’re offering ‘two for one’ on all coffee at The Royal Barn to celebrate today! 

Kircabi Roasters coffee

But what does International Coffee Day really mean? 

According to the website…  

“Every year on 1 October, the world comes together to celebrate coffee and recognise the millions of people across the globe – from farmers, to roasters, baristas, coffee shop owners and more – who work hard to create and serve the beverage we all love.”  

“Coffee has never been more popular, with an estimated 3 billion cups consumed every day, a number which continues to rise. The diverse mix of global celebrations that take place on International Coffee Day truly showcase coffee as one of the world’s most loved beverages.” 

But there’s more to this celebration than simply enjoying our favourite hot drink. As well as being a good excuse to celebrate coffee, the day is earmarked as an important talking point to focus on how to improve the future of the industry. 

Recent developments have shown that, in spite of growing demand, there are issues that must be recognised. According to the International Coffee Day website, the prices that producers receive today are more than 30% below the average of the last ten years, therefore threatening the livelihoods of coffee farmers and their families.  

International Coffee Day has launched itself as a collective mission to help coffee farmers around the world receive a fair, living income. We want to do anything we can to support this goal, and there are three things you can do too. You can learn about the challenges that the coffee industry is facing, sign the #coffeepledge and join in celebrating the day. Find out more about this here. 

We’re making a conscious effort to be mindful of the future of coffee. We’ve signed the Coffee Pledge, and we’re marking the day with a ‘two for one’ deal on all coffees at The Royal Barn. 

Here are just a few reasons to celebrate our joint favourite drink (Kirkby Lonsdale Brewery ales too, of course) on International Coffee Day… 

It’s good for you! 

As well as being the perfect morning pick-me-up, coffee also has many health benefits. It can lower your chance of suffering from depression, as well as the risk of developing Alzheimer’s and type 2 diabetes. Not just that, black coffee kills off bacteria, therefore preventing tooth cavities. 

The best way to start the day 

Many of us will agree that we struggle to function before our first cup of coffee in the morning. And there is an exact science why. That first hit of caffeine blocks the effects of adenosine (a chemical that makes you sleep) on your brain. At the same time, it raises levels of natural stimulants including serotonin, cortisoldopamine and endorphins. That explains why you feel chipper and alert the minute you put down your cup! 

A fascinating history and culture 

The roots of coffee began in Ethiopia, where a goatherd noticed the behaviour of his herd after ingesting certain fruits and leaves. He tried it himself, and then “wine of Arabia” (as it was dubbed back then) – soon spread across the Arab world. 

The world’s first coffee house opened in Istanbul in 1554 before making its way to Europe via the traders of Venice in the 17th century. Initially, it wasn’t exactly welcomed with open arms. The Church even dubbed it “the bitter invention of Satan.” That was until Pope Clement VIII  tried it. He’s alleged to have said: “This devil’s drink is so delicious, we should cheat the devil by baptising it!” It is thought the first London coffee houses opened their doors in 1650. 

Espresso martinis!  

Have you tried an espresso martini at The Royal Barn? If not, you know what to order next time you’re enjoying a weekend cocktailYou can’t beat the kick of vodka combined with coffee liqueur and espresso. Rumour has it that the espresso martini was invented by legendary bartender Dick Bradsell for a famous British model who needed a caffeine kick late one night in 1980s Soho. The rest is history and it’s now one of the UK’s most-loved cocktails. 

If you love coffee as much as we do, remember to claim your ‘two for one’ deal at The Royal Barn today. Happy International Coffee Day everyone! 



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